What’s the story behind the “Indigenous Woman Coming Through” slogan and stickers?

The stickers are modeled after a video I was in that went viral on Twitter last year! 

That day, members of Indivisible Tohono, a grassroots organization that I co-founded, and I were in Washington D.C. We had gone from office to office, wearing our traditional dresses, talking to our representatives about issues impacting Southern Arizona. We showed up in those dresses to represent our home community and to ensure that they understood that we were making a place for ourselves, in a place that wasn’t designed for us. 

After a long day of lobbying we were taking a break by taking turns riding electric scooters. Although it was my first time riding, I got on the electric scooter and zoomed down the sidewalk with confidence. I didn’t intend on stopping, so I called out a warning, “Excuse me, I’m Indigenous, coming through! Clear the way! Indigenous woman here!” 

This idea has become symbolic of my campaign in more ways than one. First, I’m a proud, Tohono O’odham woman who will never apologize for being Indigenous. Second, I am a 21st century Native American who embraces technology while honoring tradition. And third, I am once again forging forward and creating a space for myself in spaces that weren’t designed for me. I am a working-class candidate, a union dues-paying #RedForEd educator, and a community organizer running a grassroots campaign from the ground up.

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“Excuse me, I’m Indigenous, coming through.”

Racing with @seukteomaaa in front of the U.S. Capitol. Reminding people they’re on Indigenous lands. #IndigenousAF #itsagooddaytobeindigenous #indivisibletohono #iT2019flyin pic.twitter.com/eAIhwE5IWj— Gabriella Cázares-Kelly (@CasaOnTheRez) September 26, 2019


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